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How snow can affect your septic system

The PNW is inherently wet throughout most of the year; however, occasionally snow, ice and freezing temperatures makes its way to the PNW. Snow and cold weather can attribute to septic system issues. Typical septic problems that stem from snow and cold weather are; septic tank components freezing and compressed soil due to snow and ice. If your septic tank is due to be serviced, it;’s your best interest to have it serviced before it snows or freezes. Accessing your septic tank when the ground is frozen or when theirs snow is extremely difficult. Additionally, freezing temperatures can cause your inlet and outlet pipes to freeze, which can lead to pipes backing up due to frozen wastewater. Lastly, compressed soil can create density over your drainfield ; disrupting the treatment process of your septic system.

– Anthony W

Septic tanks covered in snow